Dry Eye

Among other things, eye comfort and good vision rely on a healthy moisture balance. Tears don't just help people cry. They create a three-layer (oily, water and mucus layers) protective film for the eye. If the eye's natural tears evaporate or drain without being replenished, you can develop sore eyes, blurred vision, possible infection and protein deposits within the eye area. These symptoms point to Dry Eye Syndrome. If left untreated, Dry Eye Syndrome can permanently damage sight and scar the cornea of the eye.

Are you at risk for Dry Eye Syndrome?


If you experience the above symptoms, please contact us for an exam.


At Bagan Strinden Vision, your dry eyes will be graded, based on symptoms and a thorough examination. A chronic problem can be made better through an individualized treatment plan.




Ask the Doctor

Q: My eyes often feel dry and irritated several times during the day, but my eye drops don't seem to help. What can I do?

A: Artifical tear eye drops may help people that have mild dry eyes but are usually not enough for those who suffer from moderate to severe dry eyes. We offer the most advanced dry eye therapy to our patients.